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Listen to the best podcast in Nigeria, reknowned for its refined, salient and filtered healthy lifestyle  and medical information given to you in little bits of stuff. The best you can do for your friends and family is to introduce them to this podcast show. 

Brace For Physio

A lot of people wear braces just because they feel the need to, irrespective of the injury. A prescription from the...

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Residency Content

Little Bits of Stuff brings to the fore, a different perspective on preparation for residency exams by tapping into the knowledge of past examiners, chaperones and experienced teachers thereby encouraging community sharing of ”stuff’ across board.

Innovative Patient Platform

The general public is not left out as we hope to integrate community awareness and health education with better health practices, bridging the gap between doctor and patient.


Sandwiched between the previous two are other random stuff ranging from medical student content (and other health professionals) to other random health topics.

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Featured Guests

Guests are what makes podcasts colorful and fun and Little Bits of Stuff Podcast show has been lucky to have varieties of wonderful guests on the show. 


Chiko Onwudinjo FWACS

Consultant General Surgeon

Didie Andem

Brand Manager

Linda Ezenandu MD

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