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Nick Atte MD

Show Host

He is a surgery resident with adept love for information dissemination through electronic media. It has been his dream to be a podcaster so as to propagate learning and collaboration between creative minds.

The goal of Little Bits Of Stuff Podcast is to create a community that will eventually bridge the gap between health professionals and likewise the potential clients as it were.

He also enjoys having fun, loves movies, anything tech, web development and of course, making more podcast episodes.

About Our Podcast

Little Bits of Stuff is a medical education podcast dedicated to providing valuable medical information for residents, interns, students and patients.

In each episode, relevant topics are dissected, explained in bits and in a stress-free manner. Our aim is to engage the medical and non-medical audience.

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We’re a team of dedicated Podcasters who work hard to provide you great episodes on a weekly basis. When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun.