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We are back again for another episode of Little dental tips and we will be talking on bleeding gums.

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When your gums bleed spontaneously , it is an indication that your gums are not healthy (Gum disease) and an early notification that you need to see your dentist.

You have bleeding gums due to bacteria found in food remnants irritating your gums causing the gums to swell and look reddish.

At other times, it could be due to certain practices such as tooth picking or the use of hard bristled brushes which damage the gums, making them recede and allowing food to pack between and around your teeth and gums eventually leading to bleeding.

This bleeding gums can a lot of the times cause the person to have an unpleasant smell from the mouth which can damage self confidence

So the main question you will ask yourself is ….. “what is my next move?”. The answer is and will always be to visit your dentist. The reason being that apart from solving the issue of your gums bleeding, the Doctor can equally detect if this problem has started making your tooth/ teeth loose in it’s socket(s) and its subsequent treatment/management for it.

As it is popular said “Prevention is always better than cure”…..

So its 24 days to 🎄 Christmas, lets enjoy the the holidays with clean and healthy teeth😁😁


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