Little Dental Tips 🦷

Hello Everyone,

This would be my first official post with Dr Nick and i would be rolling out the drums to introduce myself😁

I am known by the sobriquets Dr Nomy or Dr Mimz and i will be taking you on a trip with me through several topics although i will be focusing majorly on your dental health ( because I’m a Dentist😉)

So we are going a few years back to our kindergarten days(🙌yay) when our teachers made us sing along to songs about Twice daily brushing (Are you keeping to that🧐?)

We all know that all those yummy foods we love eating have to go through the mouth to get to the body. So imagine actually eating those tantalizing delicacies from the bin (gross🤢🤮) but it’s basically what you subject you body to when your mouth isn’t kept clean

So, Dental selfcare routines should be
1.) Brushing twice a day✅
2.) Flossing daily with either a string floss or a water flosser👍
3.) Changing your toothbrush every 3 months or if they become splayed ✅
4.) Using fluoride containing toothpastes daily 👍
5.) Early filling of cavities 👌
6.) Twice yearly checks/ routine scaling and polishing with your dentist😉✅✅✅

Stay tuned to Dr Nicks’s blog for more health tips

Ciao 🙋🏽‍♀️

10 comments on “Little Dental Tips 🦷

  1. Chukwuemeka Njoku says:

    Nice article. Keep it up. Dental hygiene is very important and should be taken very seriously. Sadly it is usually overlooked by many. Good reminder. Cheers!!

    1. Dr Nomy says:

      Thank you😁, More to come, watch out for future posts 😁

  2. Raphael says:

    Wow, thanks Dr. Nomzy tooth hygeine for an Adult, is really difficult, except if at early childhood he learnt those habits. But its worth doing. 😁

    1. Olalonpe says:

      Thank you Dr Nomzy! Will definitely follow through 🥰 quick question Dr Nomzy how do you resolve tooth bleeds😫 i use a soft brush by the way (I had to change because of the bleeding.

      Hope to hear from you soon 🌸

      1. Dr Nomy says:

        Hi 🙋🏽‍♀️, your gums are most likely giiving you a reminder that its time for your bi-annual checks😁😁. Please make sure to visit your dentist because bleeding gums are an early sign of gum issues.

    2. Onome Okoduwa says:

      It would be wonderful to practice these new habits because the reward of healthy teeth is irreplaceable 👍👍

      1. Dr Nomy says:

        Very true 👍

        1. Joan Akpurhie says:

          This was helpful, thanks

    3. Dr Nomy says:

      Everyone can learn new tricks at any given time😉😁. Please try your very best👍

    4. Dr Nomy says:

      Everyone can learn new tricks at any given time😉😁 please try your very best👍

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