Can You Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy for couples is a dicey topic to discuss. While some are unsure of what sexual positions to assume, others are total out of tune and thoughts of it definitely freaks them out.

In this episode, we interviewed some folks who had many things to say and share with us.

Join Abiola in this sensational discussion.

2 comments on “Can You Have Sex During Pregnancy?

  1. Gracious Ajulu says:

    I think it’s very good for couples to have sex during pregnancy especially those that it’s their first issue. It helps to prevent vaginal tightening for the pregnant woman. It also keeps the woman’s heart beat within normal range thereby improving her blood pressure(BP).

    However, rough sex is a no no. In as much that sex is important during pregnancy, it must be done gently.

    My opinion tho

    1. Nick Atte says:

      Yes, that’s why everybody must be educated on the safety and how to further prevent complications during activities such as this. Consult your healthcare provider whichever way. Thanks for tour comment Gracious.

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