Can You Use Your Partner’s Toothbrush- Dental Thursday with Temitayo

What would you do if your partner used your brush? Do you think it's gross? Have you done it before? Would you say eeeww to the thought of doing this lol.

Listen to this episode where we sample people's opinion on using your partner's toothbrush and have fun with it. Funny discussions I promise.

Watch out for part two of this episode!

Listen and share, it's the natural thing to do.

22 comments on “Can You Use Your Partner’s Toothbrush- Dental Thursday with Temitayo

  1. Tobi says:

    Omooo… condition o and I can only try it once, forget about the kissing part, either French or German. This thing is called personal belonging, even if I ever get to kiss you and you haven’t brushed I might have to run and pick up my brush again. I just hope she won’t get angry tho.

    1. Nick Atte says:

      Hahhahaha… I can imagine. I guess we all have a line we don’t want to cross… but I want to believe it’s still a possibility.

  2. Ìfẹ́Olúwakìítán says:

    What’s wrong in using my partners toothbrush? If y’all can have sex without protection and French kiss but you draw the line at toothbrush? Toor I hear ooo

    1. Nick Atte says:

      I quite agree with your reasoning. How about some who even have oral sex, will they also draw the line at toothbrush? But again they will say we are going too far 🤣

      1. Akintunde says:

        Of course i can and I will use it

        1. Nick Atte says:

          I trust you will 😃.. thanks for your comment

    2. Saviola says:

      I can not use it for what so ever reason

      1. Nick Atte says:

        Hahahaha okay now

  3. Ayowumi says:

    Hell NO… I can’t share it !!!

      1. Ayowumi says:

        Hygiene bro !!! Just feels disgusting…

        1. Nick Atte says:

          Lol… wasn’t disgusting while kissing sha…runs away

  4. Gogo says:

    Why not,if we kiss all day😃.I will use it again and again if i need to.

    1. Nick Atte says:

      Now that’s someone like me 😅

    2. Temitayo says:


  5. Blizz says:

    Lol 😂😂
    I can’t ooo. I cannot even use my own personal abandoned toothbrush

    1. Nick Atte says:

      This one off me 🤣, are you kidding right now?

      1. Chuk says:

        I can.. Its not a big deal

        1. Nick Atte says:

          Nice one.. I feel you

        2. Phebean says:

          Dr. Oore for President jare!!! I agree that Dr. Umunna does not have somebody he’s loving😜😜. I can use my partner’s toothbrush just because he’s my partner!
          Meanwhile, I enjoyed every bit of this, great job!👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

          1. Nick Atte says:

            Hahahahaha Dr Umunna should find someone o. Thanks for your kind comments, means a lot. Kindly share this podcast

          2. Temitayo Ekundayo says:

            😂😂😂😂😂😂…. Are you sharing Dr. Umunna right now?

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