Can You Use Your Partner’s Toothbrush Part 2

Your Partner's toothbrush is a personal item but can he share it with you? This is the second part of the conversation, let's know your take on this.

2 comments on “Can You Use Your Partner’s Toothbrush Part 2

  1. Precious Sobamiwa says:

    Funny but educative episode. I especially think there’s nothing wrong with using your partner’s brush😂🥰 but it’s nice to hear from you professionals. Also, I’m stylishly anticipating waiting for a run up episode after that lady that said she’s against it is married.🙄😂😂 Kudos though.👊 It was really lovely.

    1. Nick Atte says:

      I guess we are almost a crowd now, those of us waiting for her opinion after she’s married lol🤣

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