In this episode, an anonymous guest narrates her ordeal in the hands of strangers, neighbors and cousins, with parents who were completely in the dark about the recurring events.

At the end of this episode also comes some special information you do not want to miss.

1 comment on “Child Sexual Abuse At 5

  1. Ne... says:

    This is a stern image of how Cruel and animalistic humans can be and I’m appreciative of the reconnaissance. As parents, we should enlighten our kids on sex education from a very young age , we should also provide an atmosphere at which they can open up on every and any level and most importantly try as humanly possible not to expose them to situations like this .

    Well , I’m thankful that you’ve grown to this level of trust again . Thank You for using your story to teach as well as to inform us .

    I believe with your voice and the voice of others that have had this experience, this world would be a better, safer and healthier place .

    Thanks .

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