First By A Maid Then Others (Child Sexual Abuse)

This child sexual abuse episode is about a survivor whose experience started at age 7years and had several other encounters till teenage years, she was also raped later on in life.

If you have not been following my child sexual abuse series, this will definitely open your eyes. There is so much to learn, so much to do, so much not to do.

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3 comments on “First By A Maid Then Others (Child Sexual Abuse)

  1. Xxx says:

    This is really sad.. i was a victim too. Although i was never penetrated he masturbated with me by dry humping. I just got married and it was my husband that disvirgined me.. i stopped him myself when i was way older as it continued for about 3/4yrs from age 7. And he was my cousin. Till today i think he had a role to play in my masturbating habit till i got married too.i told no 1 apart from my husband till date

    1. Nick Atte says:

      I cannot begin to imagine what you went through. Opening up to your husband is a good step and if you will still like to talk about it, or share your experience, you can send us a mail.

      Be safe.

    2. Vina Adams says:

      Thank you for being brave enough to speak about what happened to you. The rape culture in this country is disgusting.. Your voice helps,Anyone willing to speak out should be commended ,is not easy but it can help someone .Please break the silence! Speak even when ur voice shakes!!! We are here for u. Help us to help u. We want to identify with u. It’s not ur fault & we believe ur story. So speak up!!

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