Infertility; Who’s To Blame?

Infertility – the inability to conceive and bear a child despite regular unprotected sexual intercourse after one year is one of the many big issues in our society, that affects the mental health of couples, relations and the society at large.

Join Dr. Nick in this episode as he dissects the causes and management of infertility.

1 comment on “Infertility; Who’s To Blame?

  1. Sifon Ediomo-Abasi says:

    Woooow! This is another well packed informative episode. Thank you so much Dr Nick.

    I have a question and concern when it comes to drugs, I have noticed a lot of ladies I know or have had a menstrual cramps discussion with feel better taking Felvin or Dolo meta B. This drugs are taken like twice or thrice every month during painful period and sometimes 3days before the period comes. Which kinda makes it 5 tablets a month.
    For some ladies it has caused delayed period or shortens the flow while some say it makes their period overflow.

    Can this drug and its kind have an overtime effect on the uterus or ovaries?

    Can it also lead to infertility over time?

    2. Can trauma from rape cause infertility?

    3. Do herbs also have a part to play when it comes to infertility in men especially the types they take to make them sexually active?

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