Can you really get a vaginal infection through a toilet seat? More so, can you get a sexually transmitted infection from a toilet seat? There are many myths and misconceptions that plague this topic. This episode sheds more light on the so called toilet disease or infection, what infections you can get from a toilet seat and how to prevent them.


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Yes! Another episode of the child sexual abuse series will drop on Tuesday next week, that’s 20th of October 2020. This time we are sharing the experience of a male sexual abuse survivor who was abused by a male! You’ve not heard anything like this one. Don’t worry, no spoiler alerts here.

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5 comments on “Is Toilet Infection A Thing?

  1. Abiola Bada says:

    I want to be able to share these podcast link with my friends please

  2. Damilola says:

    Thanks Dr. This is quite educative👍

    Now that you’ve debunked the myth of ‘toilet disease’, how do we explain this terrible vaginal itch that comes with infections? Cuz it’s real, it has happened to me once and I’m not sexually active. I think after saying it doesn’t exist, you should give us some other triggers aside sex.

    Tho I’ve once heard that the way ladies clean up after using the toilet can lead to vaginal infections..since we usually wash forward and that can lead to introduction of feacal content into the vaginal which can lead to infection.

    You can educate us more on this.
    Thanks Dr

    1. Nick Atte says:

      Thanks for your comment Damilola. It is true there are so many other causes of vaginal itch apart from STDs or things gotten from sex… a long list actually and I’ll mention a few of them.

      Firstly, you are right about the hygienic way of washing up, front to back is the preferred method rather than the reverse.

      Another reason is if you have an allergic reaction. Might be a lubricant, soap, shampoo, some sanitary pads, tight clothing, detergents used in laundry, toilet paper etc. All these can cause you to start itching.

      Another reason is “douching”. This can cause an overgrowth of the “bad” bacteria in your vagina and such imbalance can lead to an infection, especially one known as bacterial vaginosis (comes with a fishy odour).

      Hormone imbalance can also be a culprit. When you have a low estrogen level, it can lead to thinning of the vagina lining, and also cause dryness. This can lead to itching.

      Other factors include wearing more of leather wears, or underpants for long periods and depriving “that area” of oxygen. This breeds the “bad” organisms and allow infection to set in. You need to allow it to breathe sometimes.

      A good reason, though not that common is pubic lice. It can cause a hell of an itch too.

      Personal hygiene is always key to preventing vaginal infections

      There are so many things on this list that I cannot exhaust here. But I hope this helps.

    2. Ugo says:

      Thank you so much Dr Nick.

      This enlightenment is apt.

      Today is world toilet day, you may re-share this body of knowledge

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