Mouth Odour; The Relationship Killer

We've all been there and I'll say HALITOSIS is not your mate lol. Do you have that friend, that makes you turn your face whenever they open their mouth? Don't worry, simply send this episode to them and they'll understand.

Temitayo and colleagues talked about bad breath, causes and what you can do in this episode.

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3 comments on “Mouth Odour; The Relationship Killer

  1. Ogiri Boniface says:

    Omor mouth odour is a great turn off n it has scattered alotta relationship.. nice one from Dr Kingsley Ruth my friend

  2. Ezeigwe Tobechukwu says:

    I guess we all have that friend 🤣. And I hope we aren’t also that friend to some others. This would go a long way in enlightenment.

    1. Nick Atte says:

      Lmao so true, what if we’re that friend to others and we are not self aware… guess we need to check ourselves. Thanks Tobe

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