Tooth Decay – Can You Smile In Public?

Your tooth is your pride that gives you that beautiful smile 😁

But if you find yourself avoiding photos or savoring your favorite food (from tooth decay and aches), then, you should learn about dental caries.

In today's episode, you will learn about the causes, treatment and how to care for your tooth that will help you keep your confidence.

2 comments on “Tooth Decay – Can You Smile In Public?

  1. Ìfẹ́Olúwakìítán says:

    Is there no way to see it before the pain starts setting in?

    1. Temitayo Ekundayo says:

      Hiiii Ife 😁
      Thank you for listening.

      Well, except you’re someone who does extra like checking the surfaces of your teeth in front of a mirror, most times it’s an “incidental finding”

      So you’re eating rice and you notice a grain of rice is stuck inside your tooth and you have to use a toothpick…then you know there’s a hole.

      For others, their tongue just wanders there and they notice it then rush to a mirror to check.

      If you visit your dentist regularly or maybe you’re there for a treatment and you’re examined, it can be picked on routine examination.

      But it’s the pain that makes most people present in a dental clinic.

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