What Healthy Gums Should Look Like

What does your gum say about you?

There are a lot of people with gum issues and it can be frustrating. What's your gum color? Is it scary black or it's pink? Is it pale or cockroach brown? Is it bleeding altogether?

Care of the gums is important, and vital to oral hygiene. Learn more in this episode!

2 comments on “What Healthy Gums Should Look Like

  1. Tobi says:

    So the gum also have melanin…wow! I’ve learnt something new. 👍🏼 But make I no lie, anytime I listen to dental Thursday podcast, I do have this feeling of “the day I visit a dentist, I might end up spending the whole day and have to book an extra day too”😅

    1. Nick Atte says:

      Hahahaha Tobi ain’t we in the same boat, but I know Temitayo has our backs. Let’s go see the dentist 🤗

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