What To Do About Tooth Decay – Treatment

In the last episode of Dental Thursday with Temitayo , we talked about tooth decay (dental caries) and how to achieve that smile in public 😀. Now we discuss the available treatments for an already established tooth decay.

Quick question though, do you have a hole in your tooth? Let us know in the comments.

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1 comment on “What To Do About Tooth Decay – Treatment

  1. Joan Akpurhie says:

    I don’t have holes anymore, I removed two tooth last year, they had holes. But my tooth still aches, I now use one side of my mouth now for chewing. The dentist said k should replace the tooth taken out to balance it and stop further aches, is that true? Cos the artificial are very expensive, I even did root canal on some then also did an x-ray that showed my wisdom tooth is not growing properly. Am tired , just wish I can tk all out and rest but that’s not possible. Please help

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