It is a common saying that all doctors are promiscuous and chase down women like a work of art. But as far as this goes, there are several questions that needs to be asked about the supposed truth in this history…perhaps a myth, but who really knows?

In this episode, Dr. Ralph and Didie alongside Dr. Nick iron out the real reason why doctors are termed promiscuous, why this particular noble profession has been targeted over time and the basic logical conclusion on this matter.

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7 comments on “Why Doctors Are Promiscuous!

  1. Jannel Crane says:

    We believe Men in general are promiscuous, the Doctor’s are loved by all because of there part in life saving and also are believed to be responsible so ladies tend to get attracted to them. Trying to be nice and accommodating to your clients and patients is seen as promiscuity. Although some Doctors take advantage of the proximity they have to beautiful ladies and have unhealthy relations. This is in average related to all men. I think the next topic should be why people think Nurses don’t want to get married?

    1. Nick Atte says:

      I quite agree with your point Jannel, lovely explanation. How best do you think we can resolve this age long misconceptions?

      And on why nurses don’t want to get married, I’d love to work with you on that, great topic, will make a great podcast episode for enlightenment. Thanks again.

      1. Tiana says:

        Doctors have been stereotyped as promiscuous and I feel it’s just so easy in this part of the world to see an individual act a certain way and believe everyone from that profession or tribe act alike🤦🏾‍♀️

        1. Nick Atte says:

          Exactly. These rumors are more like glue that stick for a long time.

  2. Ekundayo says:

    Interesting topic but I’m still not convinced that male doctors ain’t promiscous. Although, I’m not saying all are but most are.

    1. Nick Atte says:

      Thanks for your input Ekundayo. What are your reasons? Why are you not convinced?

      1. Ekundayo says:

        Well, back then in school, I had these group of friends that were in medical school. Knew them before they started but to my surprise, one of them that used to be innocent amongst them all couldn’t just stop talking about how there were shown patients (to tell them about their sicknesses) but all he could think of were female patients boobs, how they felt when touched. These guy continued for a while.
        Similar stories like that too.

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