Your Fever Blister Is Herpes

Now have you heard about herpes before? Genital herpes? Those painful blisters, yes that particular one you know, exactly, what if I told you its possible to have oral herpes? And you might have had it before but didn’t know you had herpes. Just follow me on this Journey, I’ll tell you all about it.

Remember when you were a kid, or even as an adult, and you had this body weakness, with some fever, and later on, you have this sore on your lip, like a blister, it got dried and crusted and after a few days went away? That my friend is what we call herpes!

If you would like me to talk about genital herpes, please note it in the comment section on my website or any of my social media handles and I will get right on it. For now, this is how far we can go for this episode.

Remember, do not listen alone, always carry your enemies along, let them also learn, and if you can share this to your enemies, why not your friends? More so your families?

1 comment on “Your Fever Blister Is Herpes

  1. Didie says:

    Thanks Dr Nick for really shedding light on this. I remember the myth about fever blisters while growing up. They said it was caused by really high fever. So technically, the fever gets so high that your body cannot take it anymore, and hence the sores lol.

    I think i would like to know more about genital herpes. I heard it’s quite serious. Like infertility causing kinda serious or is that a myth as well?

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