Podcast: Patient Content

Flagyl Abuse; Stool is that you?

Flagyl (metronidazole) is one of the commonest drugs (antibiotics) that have been abused so much a newborn almost knows about it. This episode sheds more light on the public perception on the use of flagyl as an anti motility drug rather than as an antibiotic. 

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The Big Enigma; Sugar and Menstrual Cramps (Patient content)

In this episode, I and my co-host Dr. Linda tried to demystify the relationship between sugar and the perceived increased severity of menstrual cramps. But before that, we also talked about menstrual cramps in general and why you may be having cramps.

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Episode 2 – What Women Want to know with Didie (Patient content)

This episode of little bits of stuff explains in detail several common questions asked by women about the 'well woman' and genital health. It highlights consensus on pelvic examinations, painful sexual intercourse and the big question – is it an STI or STD?

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