Why would you want to use a feminine wash, why would you want to douche, in essence why would you want to wash your vulva, your vagina with substances, solutions, soaps and what not. Why would you want to scrub vigorously all in the name of “never to be caught un-fresh”

There has been several stories, people inserting garlic in their private parts, yes garlic, onions, detergents, paw paw, watermelon – because they want it to have that scent when the guy goes down there. These are the same people that will not let you rest in consulting rooms. Okay, leave those ones.

How about the ones that use exotic products, the so called ph balanced feminine products?

Now some of the common reasons why women douche or use feminine wash are

1. Common reasons women report they use a douche include:

• eliminating unpleasant odors

• preventing pregnancy

• washing away menstrual blood after a period or semen after sex

• avoiding a sexually transmitted infection

Douching doesn’t accomplish any of these things.

2. Why use feminine wash – want to smell good.

This episode dives deep into the issues surrounding this topic. Listen and share, someone else definitely needs this!

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  1. Nelly says:

    Very Educative, thanks for this information 🙌🏽

    1. Nick Atte says:

      You are most welcome Nelly. Thanks for the feedback.

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