The Last Survivor (Child Sexual Abuse)

This is the 6th episode of the child sexual abuse series and one thing is absolutely clear, and that is there is a pattern of abuse;

  1. The child is naïve
  2. The child is manipulated in some way or the other
  3. Perpetrators are closer to us than we think
  4. Parenting skills have to improve – there is no shortcut to this, we have to listen more to kids and understand their psychology. We have to pick up subtle signs and know when a child is trying to tell us something, calm down and listen.
  5. There is nothing wrong with a one on one talk with your child every now and then.

This is the last survivor narration we have for this series, next week – next Tuesday to be precise, shall be the grand finale with an expert on the show. She has worked with a lot of survivors, giving therapy and psychological help to those in need.

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